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Well things are starting to really come together.  Interviews are going well.  I was surprised at the turn things have taken.  Talking to one person has shed a new light and direction.  I was able to talk to and interview the coach of the school cycling team.  He is also a key member of the hotter than hell ride.  He gave me some great insight into the ride and how it helps the school team.  The team is hosting a race this weekend and I will be helping out with the ride.  This will give me a great chance to be around a ride and to talk to some of the riders.  I have decided on a format for my site at last.  There will be a home page with opening comments.  A history page with the history of the ride. A racers page with a look at the ride from a racers view.  A casual riders page.  A page with insight into training and equipment and a closing page.  I known nothing is on my site yet but it coming together.  I have tons of notes and pics that are just waiting to blossom into a site.

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  1. Really glad to see how your plan is shaping up! Your organizational principles for your project site look logically and reader-friendly.

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