I apologize for not being there on Thursday. I injured my arm at work – yes, I’m a klutz. I spent Thursday with ice packs and motrin and am still fighting with using it. I am finding that I can only type for about 10 minutes before it becomes too uncomfortable. I’m working on my prospectus, but having to go very slowly since typing is very uncomfortable. I just hope this gets better, so I canavoid a trip to the doctor for an x-ray.

One thought on “Ouch!

  1. Oh, so sorry to hear about the injury, Leanne. Will your computer let you dictate your writing (and even dictate emails), instead of typing? Some computers can handle this. Or, you can see if you can get a free trial version of Dragon Naturally Speaking, either for your computer or as an app for your phone. Good luck and feel better!

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