I am excited to announce that I will be researching the Phi Mu Alpha JazzFest this semester. JazzFest has been one of my long time favorite events both at Truman and in Kirksville in general. After attending the past three JazzFests, I feel like I have a solid understanding of what it is and what the events are like on a very fundamental level. Like analyzing a favorite book or film, I suspect that this research will, at the very least, enhance my appreciation of this event. More importantly, I genuinely hope that people will reference this blog to learn more about the history of this festival and that this blog will encourage more people to attend so that JazzFest can continue to thrive in the years to come.

For my own reference, the Upsilon Phi site has a lot of information about JazzFest: http://www.upsilonphi.org/jazzfest/

Important terms/places:
-Phi Mu Alpha is a national music fraternity
-Upsilon Phi is Phi Mu Alpha chapter at Truman State University
-Feb. 27 is the formal JazzFest concert in Baldwin Hall Auditorium
-Guest artist: Claudio Roditi
-Dukum Inn (often referred to as “Dukum,” and, yes, it is a play on “Do come in”) is a local bar and grill.
-Feb. 26 (should be) an informal concert at Dukum Inn. Traditionally, the night before the formal JazzFest concert, some of the jazz combos play a show in the “Dukum up” (the second floor of Dukum, usually reserved for special parties/events). The laid-back environment. DISCLAIMER: This event is not sponsored by Truman State University or Phi Mu Alpha.

Admittedly, my biggest challenge so far is figuring out how to create and manage this WordPress site… but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon…