Over the past two weeks, I’ve been filling out consent forms and formulating research questions. This week has been pretty busy so I still have a few things I need to tweak, but I’m very close. When I’m finished (tonight or tomorrow?) I could use another set of eyes to make sure everything looks right.

My goal for this coming week is to ask a few professors and students if they are willing to participate in this study/be interviewed. The general plan is to interview everyone twice: an initial interview before JazzFest (Feb. 27) regarding the history of the festival, what this festival has done for Truman/Kirksville/the greater Midwest educational community (some middle and high school bands take part in JazzFest), his or her experiences/involvement with it, how he or she is involved in JazzFest 48, etc. Then, I would like to have a follow-up interview after JazzFest 48 and have them reflect on this year’s event specifically. (More detail included in the consent form)

I’ve been playing around with my WordPress site and am still having a little trouble figuring out how to have and post on multiple pages (like our main Festivals website). I figured out how to create a separate page (“Blog Posts”), but every time I “create a new post” in that page, it is published on my homepage. Not a big deal since I can still do everything I need to, but it would be nice on an aesthetic and organizational level. (Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually an 80 year-old man in terms of my relationship with technology…)