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Week 9: Interviews

Week 9 is here and I finally solicited my interview requests (officially, that is …) to each of the respective festivals I’m focusing on, as well as to the Sonoma County Film Office.  I’m hoping to get some responses back soon. I have a festival-goer who I can interview if any of these solicitations don’t pan out. I have to admit that asking for interviews makes me nervous, because people are busy and I don’t really want to be a bother! But … hopefully people will see how their knowledge will benefit others (and their own festivals!) by sharing it in an educational setting.

I will be out of class this week due to spring break. I’m looking forward to a little R & R after a very busy beginning of a semester!

The Sonoma International Film Festival starts next weekend, and I’m hoping to get my media passes for the event so that I can gather some good footage, take pix and maybe even do an interview or two onsite. The event has after-parties every night of its five-day run, which would be a fun thing to experience. I’m wondering which local celebrities will be present?

I’m also wondering why there’s not a lot of interaction between class members via our blogs. I mean, I’ve been to your blogs, I read them all and respond … but it feels weird when no one else seems to be doing the same. I realize we are all busy … but really, that’s no excuse. We committed to the class, and at this point, it seems like we should be giving each other more support.  I’d love to hear from everybody (and this means YOU, haha). I try very hard to get involved with class conversations via the chat screen, but I’m not sure who is reading and who isn’t.  I really appreciate the ones who do respond! Thank you for that.

And now … my vacation begins. A soak at the hot springs, a David Gilmore concert … I think I’ve earned it 🙂 Enjoy your week, and I’ll see you next Tuesday! ox



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  1. Miranda Miranda

    Hi Tanya,

    I thought I heard of every film festival in Sonoma County, but I don’t know of the Sonoma International Film Festival. I’ll have to check that out.

    As far as lack of blog participation goes, I think we feel like we are logging our ‘participation’ in our class discussions, so we’re not strongly incentivized to read / comment on others’ posts. I think I am only doing so out of common courtesy — and of course, I’m invested in your progress on the project!

    • I think it’s interesting how you used the word “we.” Who exactly are you speaking for? I’m not trying to put you on the spot but I feel like this ethnographic focus has made me hyper aware of statements like this. This whole course is an experiment in itself, and it’s very interesting to see how people interact here versus in a “real” classroom. I like that this method is more accessible for my participation, yet still problematic because engagement with other students is minimal at best. We all like to think that our work is being seen and heard and not done merely for the sake of a grade. Anyway that’s my soapbox 🙂 Thanks for responding. It’s much appreciated!

  2. Alexa Alexa

    Thank you for how eagerly you contribute, not only to class, but to each individual’s experience. Your encouragement is so necessary. Also, this particular post is really aiding me in taking down my field notes. I am excited to hear that you have submitted your interview requests! I hope that it all results in some meaty interviews!

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