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Week 3: Ethnographies and WordPress

We went to the movies the other night at the theatre where the Silver Scream Festival will be held. There were ads everywhere for it. I’m excited to attend. I had emailed their info team earlier and have been invited to volunteer for the event, so this will be a fun thing to be a part of. I’m curious about what kind of crowd the event will attract. I haven’t yet been able to do much research on the event other than checking out their website, but it seems like it has been going on for a while. It seems to be based in Los Angeles, so I’m not sure how long the event has been going on up here at the Roxy. I was also told they would be able to set up interviews with a few people, so that will also be fun. I need to get some questions together. A few famous guest speakers including the original Freddy, Robert Englund, will be making an appearance. I hope we get to meet them!

The ethnography assignment was fun. I enjoy people watching, and this was a good excuse to really observe people engaged in a particular activity.  I found interesting parallels in this assignment and the readings we did recently, particularly the Mardi Gras experiment where it was observed that people did not really engage with those outside of their groups. Of course, there was the usual polite discourse, but not much more than that. People tend to keep to themselves and avoid interactions when they’re at the gym. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone. There are those who are more friendly than others and will go out of their way to exchange pleasantries with those in their immediate environment.

I feel like our group is very busy with other things at the moment, as interactions between blogs is pretty much not there … yet.  I would like to comment more on everyone’s assignment, but have been stretched for time. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to sit down and do that. I did get around to fixing up my blog a bit more to reflect my own personality. It took a while to pick out a theme that wasn’t too busy, inappropriate or downright unwieldy to handle. I’m hoping this theme makes it easy to navigate through my entries.

All in all, the course has made me more aware of groups of people and gatherings around town. There are quite a few festivals going on this spring, and I’m looking forward to attending a few of them.


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